Enjoy summer at Canons Ashby

A family group admiring the gardens

Whether gentle and relaxing, or energetic and invigorating, enjoy the warm weather and make lasting memories at this wonderful Tudor manor house with its rare terraced gardens and early medieval landscape.

Visiting Canons Ashby with children? Have a look at our article Summer fun for the family

In the Gardens and Parkland

Take a relaxing walk around the garden. See the flower beds full of beautiful blooms and the lower terraces flourishing with fruit and vegetables.

The summer bedding in the formal garden this year is a beautiful collection of white and silver blooms, commemorating the centenary of the end of the first world war. You will see a beautiful selection of Salvias, Dianthus Coronia, Nicotiana Sylvestris, Ageratum and many more.

As you continue towards the lion gates there's plenty to see in the vegetable garden: sweet peas, strawberries, many different potatoe varieties and more. The fruit and vegetables grown here will be used by our restaurant as soon as they're ripe. Any surpus is left on one of the honesty benches for you to take home, for a small donation.

Want a longer walk? Why not branch out into the parkland and have a stroll in the open space. Look out for the ridges and furrows: features of medieval farming, and lumps and bumps which may hide medieval archaeology. Please be wary of livestock and shut any gates you use.

Canons Ashby's gardens are a welcome home for wildlife
Two bees on a sunflower
Canons Ashby's gardens are a welcome home for wildlife

Looking after nature

Here we plant for nature and wildlife, as well as for visitors. We select plants which we know our insects and birds will love so look out for plenty of bees, butterflies and birds.

We also have wildlife refuges which the public behind the scenes which provide fantastic places for growing biodeversity and habitats for creatures of all types. Read about our Medieval Stewpond restoration here.

Keep an eye out on the What's on section of the website for upcoming nature themed events.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of nature in our gardens and grounds
Wren singing against a blue sky
Enjoy the sights and sounds of nature in our gardens and grounds

An extraordinary house

Canons Ashby grew from a medieval farmhouse into a magnificent Tudor manor house. Many changes have happened to it since then, including a lot of “modernisation” in the 18th century, so there are plenty of interesting things to see and explore.

Through out national theme "Women and Power" we are focusing on sharing the histories of women who have shaped our properties. Canons Ashby has played host to a remarkable group of women over the course of its history, including talented water colourists, photographers and mural painters. You may see interpretation on this theme throughout the house as well as outside in the garden and grounds.

Treat yourself

In the Stables tea-room they make delicious fresh food every day with home-grown produce, so pop in for a treat and enjoy relaxing in the tea-room garden surrounded by flowering bedding plants. After your visit you’ve definitely earned yourself an ice cream.

There are plenty of gifts and mementoes available in the Coach House shop. We have a selection of beautiful nature-inspired art, homeware and gifts, as well as plenty of delicious food and drink.There's also lots for the children including books and gifts to keep the little ones entertained or allow them to enjoy their pocket money!

A delicious treat in our tea garden.
Tea and cake among the flowers
A delicious treat in our tea garden.