Looking after nature

Three barn owl chicks at Canons Ashby

We’re on a mission to improve our biodiversity in our green spaces. By planting wildflower plugs, throwing seed bombs with our visitors, and providing safe habitats for insect, bird and animal life, we hope to provide a welcoming and healthy home for all kinds of creatures.

We have been planting wildflowers like red clover, yellow rattle and ox-eye daisies in the paddock. These are all wildflowers which are popular with pollinators, and should encourage plenty of insect life.

We've also been adding new nesting boxes, bird feeders and improving our other nature habitats across the site to provide plenty of safe spaces where our wildlife can take shelter.

This continues all year round. The wildflowers and grasses are managed to make the most of the natural wildflower seeding in the summer, whilst in the winter fruit is left in or under the trees to provide food for birds and other creatures in the coldest months.

Around 80 different types of birds have been spotted at Canons Ashby: a pair of reed buntings was recently seen by the restored Medieval Stew Ponds, which are proving a popular wildlife refuge full of birds, amphibians and insects.

Keep an eye on our What's On page - there are plenty of nature events coming up! 

Encouraging a wide variety of wildflowers and grasses helps our insects
Wildflowers and grasses in the paddock in June
Encouraging a wide variety of wildflowers and grasses helps our insects