Make it special

A happy couple holding hands

This year marks the 150th wedding anniversary of Sir Henry and Lady Frances Dryden.

Young Sir Henry inherited the impoverished estate age 19, and to redeem his family’s reputation spent a great deal of his life working towards solvency, vowing not to marry until he was successful. His long time love Lady Frances, had an ailing mother, and she would not take a husband whilst she was duty-bound to care for Mama – so both Sir Henry and Lady Frances waited for each other, with an understanding...

"Never were a couple so well suited"

It was soon after the death of Lady Frances’ mother that the two were wed.  In 1865, aged 47, Sir Henry was able to propose marriage to his beloved Frances, when she was 42.Though the traditional Victorian mourning period lasted 12 months after the death of a parent, the couple had already waited so long that six weeks after Frances’ mother’s death, they were wed.

They didn’t forget her, though - a relative reporting on the wedding in a letter bemoaned the inconvenience of being in mourning at a wedding. So entwined were the souls of this couple that after being married for over 3 decades, they died in the same year and were buried together.

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