Volunteer at Canons Ashby

Get involved at your special place

The teams of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers are the life-blood of Canons Ashby.

With their help, we are able to create a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere for our visitors. Volunteering is a great opportunity to learn new skills, as well as flexing old ones, in the company of interesting and sociable people.

We are currently looking for plenty of new volunteers to join our new team in several different departments. For more details on these specific roles, simply search for Canons Ashby here.

Something for everyone

As a volunteer you could benefit from tailored learning events, as well as the opportunity to join hobby groups for those with particular skill sets or interests. Our volunteers have come from all backgrounds and ages, so you don’t have to worry about qualifications or experience.

Whether you want to improve your CV, meet people, or just get more involved, making the move to volunteer with Canons Ashby could be the best decision you ever make.