Projects at Canons Ashby

A lot of work goes in to looking after this special place, from ancient archaeology to updating the visitor facilities. Take a look at the completed and ongoing projects that help keep us open and looking our best.

A historic loom being used

Canons Ashby’s new staircase carpet

Find out more about our staircase's makeover.

Canons Ashby Clock Tower 1 Intro

Restoring the clock tower with an 19th century mechanism

Putting time back in place at Canons Ashby. This wonderful 19th century time piece survived the Second World War, then was restored after a fire and 60ft plunge!

Historic photograph of the Pebble Court at Canons Ashby

Revealing Secrets: Historic building recording at Canons Ashby

Archaeologists have been working to peel away Canons Ashby's secrets to find out more about how the building has evolved since it was first built.

Canons Ashby Stew Ponds 2018 view two

Restoring the medieval stew ponds at Canons Ashby

Restoring the medieval stew ponds is just the start of our conservation plans to develop this beautiful historic and natural environment into a wildlife sanctuary.

The Funerary Achievement getting wrapped in tissue paper

An achievement in conservation

In 2016 we embarked on a project to conserve the fragile funerary achievement displayed in the Priory Church. Follow our progress as we reach each milestone, and find out how you can make a difference.

Archaeologists working on Castle Mound at Canons Ashby

Motte and bailey mystery

What historical secrets are hidden under the mound at Canons Ashby?