From visiting to volunteering

Room Guide and Day Leader, Canons Ashby

Rhona Milner - Room Guide and Day Leader
A Volunteer in Tudor Costume

What makes Canons Ashby special

While volunteering at Canons Ashby I have met a lot of interesting people; volunteers, visitors and very dedicated staff who care for the property and have made it what it is. Through them I have been able to learn loads, not just about our wonderful property but how the National Trust works. I have been privileged throughout my time at Canons Ashby to be invited to join meetings and workshops, which has given me a much deeper insight into how 'things' work.
Canons Ashby is a friendly place, a hidden treasure, and from time to time reveals a little more of her story to enhance an already rich history. It is an honour and a joy to share this with our visitors.
" It's great to see families enjoying the house, gardens and parkland."
- Rhona Milner, Canons Ashby Volunteer

My favourite memories

I love being involved in facilitating children's activities during holiday periods - anything from colouring and sticking to bug hunting. Who would have thought that 'dusting artefacts' of flour with sable brushes could keep little people absorbed for half an afternoon! It's great to see the young visitors enthusiastically returning to see us time and again.

How I got hooked

I would never have seen myself as a NT volunteer ten years ago, though I was a long-term member, regarding this more a charitable donation to a worthy cause. A chance visit to Canons Ashby late 2006 on a quiet weekday changed everything. 

The moment I walked into the house I was hooked, the stories reeled me in; by the time I left I was determined to become involved. I duly left my details and waited. The following March I was invited to a 'Meet the Team' coffee morning and the rest, as they say, is history!

- Rhona Milner, Canons Ashby Room Guide and Day Leader

" We are a happy team and enjoy sharing the hidden treasure that is Canons Ashby."
- Rhona Milner, Canons Ashby Volunteer