Explore the mansion and gardens at Castle Ward

A view of the house from the sunken gardens

Catch your first glimpse of the classical front of the house as you enter the drive. The 18th-century mansion is built in two contrasting architectural styles, the Classical facade to the lawn and the Gothic facing Strangford Lough.

One of the strangest architectural compromises created between two people. 

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Find out more on a tour

This was the home of the Viscounts Bangor since 1781 until the death of the 6th Viscount in 1950. A guided house tour will tell you how Bernard, 1st Viscount, and Lady Ann chose different styles for the same house, why Edward, 3rd Viscount, had to renew part of the rooms, and when the Russian bear arrived at Castle Ward. 

A working house

The estate had its own smithy and, closer to the main house, stables and coach houses and its own laundry and dairy. 
The working laundry and wash house was essential to the running of the big house. The laundry spaces and the drying loft are still much as they were in the 19th century.

Gardens and pleasure ground

In contrast to the naturalistic style of the park surrounding the house, the Victorian taste for formal gardens and bedding is reflected in the Sunken Garden. 
Temple Water is an important piece of garden history. Although canals of this sort became fashionable among landowners in Ireland at this time it is now one of the very few to survive.
Come and take a stroll and enjoy seasonally spectacular gardens.