Family activities at Castle Ward

The Lime Tree walk at Castle Ward

Enjoy the outdoors at Castle Ward throughout Autumn

This Autumn discover the heritage and natural surroundings, connect with the historical stories of Castle Ward, and allow the beauty of this colourful season to speak for itself.

Autumn Colour Walks

Lime tree walk beside Temple Water is ideal for spotting colour in Autumn. Extensive path restoration in this area means that this beautiful trail is accessible for all the family. Head over to Downpatrick Avenue where you will find the trees bursting with orange, yellow and red leaves, a popular route for our visitors and members with dogs.

Family Foraging Trails

On Strangford Avenue and Laurel Walk you'll find a number of autumn delights, from sweet chesnuts and conkers to 'helicopters' from the sycamore trees and acorns. Take the path down to the Farmyard and you will pass an old Spanish chestnut tree, the type delicious when roasted.

In the Garden

The surrounding gardens come alive with autumn colour in the Rhus typhina, Prunus, Cotinus coggyria (smoke bush/tree), Eucryphia, and Tulip Trees. Castle Ward offers an abudance of foraging opportunities with hazelnuts, fungi, blackberries and elderberries up for grabs.


Castle Ward as seen from above in Autumn

Autumn on the estate

Castle Ward is particularly spectacular in autumn when the colours change and there is still plenty to discover on the estate.