Spring at Castle Ward

Daffodils in bloom at Castle Ward, Co Down

Castle Ward comes to life in spring with new growth, spring flowers and signs of wildlife as we head into the summer months.

If you're looking to spend some time in nature and get a real sense of spring, or maybe you're just looking for your next instagram post - Castle Ward has a few spots to take your breath away this season.

The Windsor Garden is a wash of pastel in spring with the hyacinths and tulips, whilst rhododendrons, daffodils, primroses and pansies appear across the estate. The bluebells amognst the woodland are some of the best in the country and generally appear in late April thourgh to early June.

The restored garden in bloom in Spring
The restored Windsor Garden at Castle Ward, Strangford, Co Down
The restored garden in bloom in Spring

Spring highlights:

  • Primroses growing along Lime Tree Avenue
  • Daffodils and later, bluebells appearing all over the estate
  • The colours of neatly arranged beds in the restored Windsor Garden
  • Blue sky creating the perfect backdrop for Old Castle Ward
  • Colourful crocuses popping up across the lawns
  • Swans preparing to nest at Temple Water
  • Busy bumblebees collecting pollen from the heather at the rockery
Spring brings plenty of blubells to Castle Ward
Bluebells in the woodland at Castle Ward
Spring brings plenty of blubells to Castle Ward