Spring at Castle Ward

Castle Ward Mansion House and surrounding parkland

There's a warming aroma around the estate that lets you know know spring has sprung and that the warm summer months are getting closer.

There are plenty of things to do at Castle Ward during spring with walks, trails and the natural plants and flowers that bloom this time of year.

There's wide open spaces with hills and grasses, hedgerows and waters for children to roll down really big hills, fly a kite, hunt for bugs, catch a crab, pick blackberries and many more activities that can be ticked off the 50 things list.

First colours of the summer have started to come through in the Garden. This is also the time our rare and exotic plants that have been planted in the green house start to come into the garden. Look out for a rare exotic plant titled ‘Molly the witch’ which is nearly as mysterious as its name.

The Craig family visited us last spring and highlighted the following things to see

1.    Primroses growing along Lime Tree Avenue
2.    Swans preparing to nest at Temple Water
3.    The Temple clearly visible perched above Temple Water
       (Come summer it’s much harder to spot through the foliage)
4.    Blue sky creating the perfect backdrop for Old Castle Ward
5.    Colourful crocuses popping up across the lawns
6.    Frog spawn in the pond at the Sunken Garden
7.    Busy bumblebees collecting pollen from the heather at the rockery

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