Winterfell Festival at Castle Ward

This Sunday 16 September step into the world of the Stark family at Winterfell Festival at Castle Ward. Please note that access to the estate on will be via the main Strangford Road only.

Winterfell Festival comes to Castle Ward on 16 September 2018

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Odin and Thor aka the Direwolves at Winterfell Festival 2017

Summer and Grey Wind aka Odin and Thor

A group of warriors line up at Winterfell Tower House at Castle Ward

Winterfell prepares for battle with sword fighting displays

Jousting games taking place at Winterfell Festival 2017

Jousting games for King Robert and the Stark family


Winterfell Festival 2017

Step into the world of the Stark family and get a taste of Winterfell Festival 2017 at Castle Ward.

Winterfell Festival

This event is independently operated by the National Trust and is not sponsored, endorsed or affiliated with HBO or anyone associated with Game of Thrones.