2019 Christmas at Charlecote

Can you solve the Christmas mystery at Charlecote Park?

Calling all sleuths! You’re needed at the crime scene. The Christmas party was in full swing, when suddenly... the lights went out. When they came back on again, the precious 'Star of Wonder' jewel had vanished. Detectives - we need your help to solve this festive mystery.

2019 Christmas at Charlecote

Every day until 5 January (except Christmas Day).

Celebrate Christmas at Charlecote this year with our Jewel Theft experience set in the 1920s.

Find clues, crack puzzles and piece together the evidence throughout the gardens and in the house to find the jewel and solve this immersive, festive mystery to earn a prize.

Enjoy fun puzzles for families and tough teasers for older investigators all through December and up to 5 January.

The story so far…

It’s the 1920s and the Christmas party was in full swing. Lady Lemonia was wearing her precious ruby ‘The Star of Wonder’ during dinner, when suddenly the lights went out. When they came on again, it had gone. Sir Herbert Sherbet received a strange letter announcing that the ruby would be stolen. It was signed ‘The Scarlet Nutcracker’.

Sir Herbert thought it was a hoax but called Inspector Armand at the Police station to guard the property just in case. But the Scarlet Nutcracker has outwitted everyone! No-one has left Charlecote so the ruby – and the thief – must still be on the premises.

Can you help Inspector Armand solve the puzzles and find the jewel?

Welcome to a 1920s festive mystery - good luck Detectives!

Can you be a super-sleuth this Christmas and solve the mystery?
Make some memories with your family at Charlecote Park this Christmas
Can you be a super-sleuth this Christmas and solve the mystery?

Festive family fun

Share in the festive fun with all the family as you uncover clues across the parkland and gardens in your bobble hats and scarves, and take a peek inside the house to investigate the Christmas crime scene.

There’s a trail for budding Young Sherlocks for ages 5 to 11, and a brain-teaser trail for our Super Sleuths ages 12 to 100+. Collect your Christmas prize when you solve the mystery.

Admission prices apply.
Already a National Trust member? It’s only £3 per trail when you show your card.

(Please note that some areas of the trail are not accessible to dogs).

Can you solve the Christmas mystery?
Help solve a Christmas mystery at Charlecote Park - fun for all the family
Can you solve the Christmas mystery?

Pre-book to inspect the crime scene

Tall trees, twinkly lights and all the glitz of the 1920s – inspect the crime scene in the house this Christmas. It can get very busy over the festive period. We recommend that you pre-book your timed slot at least 24 hours in advance to guarantee you can go inside the house, even if you’re not doing the Jewel Theft experience.

Please note that you will still need to purchase a Jewel Theft trail when you arrive, even if you have pre-booked a timed slot for the house. 

See the house decorated for the 1920s house party where the jewel theft has taken place
Enjoy the 1920s house party at Charlecote this Christmas
See the house decorated for the 1920s house party where the jewel theft has taken place

Festive eats and Christmas treats

Warm up with a gingerbread latte, hot chocolate and Christmas cake – there are some mouth-watering festive treats waiting for you in the Wood Yard café and the Orangery restaurant.

Carefully select the perfect gift for your loved ones from the Servants’ Hall Shop or pick up a pot-grown Christmas tree from Avenue Plants.

The Agatha Christie inspiration

Did you know that this year’s festive mystery is inspired by Charlecote’s links to Agatha Christie?

In the early 1900s Agatha Christie was engaged to Reggie (Reginald) Lucy for nearly 2 years. But the engagement fell through when Archibald Christie swept her off her feet and she married him instead.

Agatha Christie (centre) with the Lucy family in Torquay around 1910
Agatha Christie (centre) with Charlecote Park's Lucy family in Torquay
Agatha Christie (centre) with the Lucy family in Torquay around 1910

The ‘Birmingham Burglars’

Inspiration for the Christmas Jewel Theft also came from real life events – a burglary at Charlecote in the 1800s. Mary Elizabeth woke up to Charlecote in a mess having been ransacked, with precious items missing. Her memoirs tell of the detectives’ search to recover the stolen valuables which were never recovered. It was thought that the burglars headed to Birmingham and smelted down the stash then sold it on.

Bah humbug!

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