Visiting Charlecote Park with your dog

Staff dog Max loves his walks at Charlecote Park

Explore the scents and smells of the parkland every day from 9am.
Well-behaved dogs are very welcome for walks along designated routes at Charlecote.

Where can my dog go?

We are lucky enough to have lots of grazing livestock and wildlife at Charlecote Park. So we've set up designated dog-walking routes around the parkland to help give you space to enjoy the outdoors and help us to look after the resident animals.

The routes can take between 20 minutes to 1 hour, depending on your chosen route and walking pace. Perfect to adapt for a short walk or relaxed, longer visit. Please remember to keep your dog on a short lead at all times.

Please note that dogs are not allowed inside any of the historic buildings. We make an exception only for assistance dogs. Dogs are welcome inside the Wood Yard Cafe.

Normal admission prices apply if you're not yet a National Trust member, but all dogs go free! Find plenty of other dog-friendly places to visit with your membership by following the link at the bottom of this page.

Dog walking in parkland at Charlecote Park

Download our 'Charlecote dog walking map'

Find out more about visiting with your four-legged friend.

What do I need to be aware of?

We aim to make Charlecote a safe and enjoyable place for you and your dog, other visitors, our wildlife, and our sheep and deer. 

To make sure everyone has an enjoyable day, please follow our Canine Code:

  • Take the lead: keep your dogs on a short lead (not extendable) at all times. 
  • Scoop that poop: bag it and bin it! Please clear up after your dog. There are lots of bins are provided along the dog-walking route and in the car park.  
  • Paws for thought: look our for information signs and take extra care around livestock. Stick to the clearly marked dog-walking route – conservation of our wildlife and livestock is paramount.
  • Tasty Treats: Dogs are welcome in the area outside the Wood Yard café and also inside the café itself.
  • Be on the ball: not everyone loves dogs, so keep them close by.
  • Shopping in style: Our shop is inside a historic building and the space is quite small. Dogs will need to wait outside with their owners if you would like to go shopping. Only assistance dogs are allowed inside this space.
  • Outside not inside: Only assistance dogs are allowed in any of the buildings. 


Please be aware that when our sheep have lambs with them and the deer are dropping their fawns there may be some electric fencing around areas of the parkland. To keep our herds stress-free, we ask that all dogs are kept on leads at all times.

If you know your dog gets excitable around livestock, our friendly VR team will point you towards routes that are best suited for your visit.

Pups in doggy strollers and backpacks are permitted only on the dog-walking route.

What I really wanted was one of those sausages!
Dogs are welcome at Charlecote Park
What I really wanted was one of those sausages!

Facilities available for my dog

You'll find several tether points and water bowls for your dog outside the toilets, next to the Gatehouse. These are great for short stops and comfort breaks. Leaving your pup for any length of time can be distressing so please hurry back!

Water bowls are provided outside Visitor Reception and the tether points and may be dotted around the property on warmer days. Do let us know if you spot that they need topping up.

Dogs are welcome inside the Wood Yard cafe. Muddy paws can be rinsed off at the 'Woof n Wash' in the Wood Yard. [Please note this has temporarily been suspended during the pandemic].

Short leads and dog poo bags are available for you to use if you've forgotten to bring any. Our Visitor Reception team will be happy to help you. There are plenty of dog poo bins located around the route to help you scoop the poop. 


Where can't my dog go?

As space is restricted, only assistance dogs are allowed in the house, outbuildings and second-hand bookshop. Please make sure they are wearing an identity harness.

Parts of the gardens are very narrow and so are only open to assistance dogs.

No dogs are allowed in West Park (over the bridge) due to its proximity to the deer sanctuary.

The water can be very appealing for some, but the rivers are fast flowing and we ask you not to let your dog swim in any of the rivers or the lake at Charlecote.

Please bear in mind that there isn’t anywhere to leave your dog if you want to visit inside the outbuidling or the house when it reopens in spring/summer 2022. Perhaps pop back to Charlecote again another day and leave your dog to snooze at home. 

You'll find dog-hitch posts near the gatehouse loos so you can take a quick comfort stop
Westies at dog hitch post on dog walking route at Charlecote Park
You'll find dog-hitch posts near the gatehouse loos so you can take a quick comfort stop

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If you're a National Trust member you can pop in for a walk as often as you like for around £6 a month, and enjoy over 500 other places to visit throughout the year too.

Every membership that our Visitor Reception team sells raises much-needed funds for our work at Charlecote. Every time you show your membership card on your way in it generates a payment for us from central funds - so every visit counts. 

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