A woodland trail above Chedworth Roman Villa

Children enjoy the woodland trail at Chedworth Roman Villa

The woodland area and trail adds an extra dimension to any visit to Chedworth Roman Villa. This deciduous woodland is behind the main archaeological site, allowing sweeping views down over the villa and the North Range in particular.

A circular path takes visitors round on a wood-chipped path which has benches at intervals. The ground is steep so access is limited to people with good mobility. A trail of 'treasure' boxes can be found which contain clues as to how the villa residents would have used the surrounding woodland in Roman times.

Further up the hillside is a natural amphitheatre in the beech woods with log seating. Here you can practise your oratory skills at 'Speakers' Corner' where you will discover a basket containing slate boards with quotations from Roman speeches and sayings.

There's a woodland area above Chedworth Roman Villa to explore
Explore the woodland area above Chedworth Roman Villa
There's a woodland area above Chedworth Roman Villa to explore

Close by is an area that one visitor described as 'an enchanted fairy glade'. In this area sculptural tree trunk rounds provide seating and making is the order of the day with an abundance of fallen branches for children to build their own dens or add to existing natural structures.