Autumn at Chedworth Roman Villa

Autumnal view of Victorian Lodge

Autumn brings with it shorter days, cooler temperatures and a riot of colour, making it the perfect time to wrap up and explore Chedworth Roman Villa. As the trees turn from fresh green to a deep red, it's a great time to follow in the footsteps of the Romans and see why they chose to build in this quiet corner of the Cotswolds.

Chedworths’ Romans and more

Throughout autumn Chedworth's Romans bring the villa to life. Learn about the finer points of the villa's mosaics from Appian, the Roman craftsman and mosaicist, Thomas Margetts can take you through the discovery of the villa in 1864, while James Farrer will talk you through the Victorian excavations. You can even tour the villa in the company of the 4th century owner, Censorinus.

Gaia, our Roman textiles expert will be on site throughout the season. You can join her in the North Wing Bath House where the smell of incense will transport you to times gone by. A font of knowledge, she can talk you through traditional Roman crafts as she spins her home-dyed fabrics and uses Roman implements to hand-knit different garments.


Special talks

As the site quietens down after the summer holidays and children return to school, we’re re-starting our programme of special talks. You can join Dr Nick Humphris for detailed talks, either on the archaeology at the villa, or the mosaics depending on your interest. The talks last around an hour and are followed by a guided tour around the site. You can also learn all about Roman myths and how they relate to Chedworth Roman Villa with our wonderful site guide Janet.

Autumn mornings at Chedworth offer the best view
Autumn view from Victorian Lodge
Autumn mornings at Chedworth offer the best view

Artists in Residence

During September and into October the villa will be hosting the Artisits in Residence programme. Local artists will be on site creating and displaying their artworks in the beautiful setting of Chedworth Roman Villa. You can come and watch as they create their pieces from a diverse range of materials and styles, and discuss their inspiration with them as well.