Easter Adventures at Chedworth Roman Villa

Spring view of flowers at Chedworth

Spring has sprung and nature is coming alive at Chedworth Roman Villa. You can follow the animal tracker trail, dress up as a Roman solider, get creative with our Easter crafts and get a glimpse of Roman life with our costumed interpreters.

Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt 30 March - 2 April

Have you ever seen a pheasant footprint, or looked closely at a badger paw? This Easter you can become an animal tracker. Venture round the site, match the animals with their tracks and claim a chocolate treat! (£2 per child and normal admission prices apply).

Easter Craft Activities 30 March - 15 April

Every day during the Easter holidays you can get creative with our seasonal crafts. Make a special Easter badge, try your hand at making your own mosaic tile to take home or give the paper crafts a go. Don't forget the colouring and word-searches too! Some crafts may include an additional charge to cover materials.

Costumed Interpreters

Have you met Appian the Roman craftsman and mosaicist yet? What about Dr Quintus who can help to cure all ills? There's Gaia, who can tell you everything you need to know about Roman life, and Lady Octavia, the villa owners' wife.

Roman Costumes and Toys

Do you want to know a bit more about what life was like in Roman times? Why not start by dressing up in Roman costumes or playing with Roman toys. We've got a great selection available every day during the holidays.

Release your inner Roman at Chedworth Roman Villa
Children enjoy dressing up at Chedworth Roman Villa
Release your inner Roman at Chedworth Roman Villa

Check our Easter planner to see what's happening every day!

Easter Planner 2018 (PDF / 0.337890625MB) download

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