Our work at Chedworth Roman Villa

Excavations at Chedworth Roman Villa, Gloucestershire

Chedworth Roman Villa has been through many changes in its lifetime. From initial build in 120AD to heyday in 360AD, decline from 390AD and Victorian re-discovery in 1864. In 2011 the site underwent another huge transformation. Thanks to generous donations and Heritage Lottery funding, better access for visitors and better protection for the West Range mosaics and rooms have been provided.

Better access to the mosaics

Suspended walkways in the West Range cover building allow better access to the stunning in-situ 4th-century mosaic floors and Villa rooms, including the West Range mosaic corridor which was uncovered in 2012.

The Salway room

There is now a purpose-built education and learning room, ideal for school groups and private talks.

More excavations planned

2017 brought Chedworth Roman Villa to the end of a  five year research programme. Each August a team of archaeologists have excavated more of the North Range. These excavations will provide a better understanding of the layout of the rooms in this area and the changes that have occured over time. This will allow the team at Chedworth to properly protect and interpret this area of the Roman Villa. 
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