Re-discovering the past at the Big Dig 2018

Excavations at Chedworth Roman Villa, Gloucestershire

The three week dig will see our archaeologists, Martin Papworth and Nancy Grace, continuing to uncover mosaics as our Big Dig programme reaches its final excavations.

Over the past five years we have been able to learn more about the northern part of the villa, including its structure, use and history. In the process, a previously unknown mosaic was uncovered, along with a grand reception room; architectural fragments of the villa; colourful painted plasterwork; Roman glass, pottery and coins; marble and even a Roman coin.

All of the knowledge from these digs has been used to develop better protection and preservation for the discoveries that you see when you visit, and we are looking to create a new way for you to enjoy our varied mosaics virtually.

Between Monday 9 and Friday 27 July, the mosaics in the North Range corridor and grand reception hall of the villa, some of which haven't been seen since Victorian times, will be uncovered and cleaned so they can be scanned and recorded ready for display.

This is a rare chance to see the mosaics being uncovered, and with our special platform, you will have an elevated view of the excavations, a chance to meet the experts and see how our archaeologists work. You'll also be able to get up close and personal in the 'finds area', and there will be an opportunity to get hands-on with real archaeology, actively helping to clean the finds.