Witness new discoveries at the Big Dig 2017

Archaeologist Nancy Grace with some wall plaster fragments were found during the 2016 Big Dig

Over the last five years National Trust has been running a programme of summer excavations at Chedworth Roman Villa to find out more about the northern part of the villa, to better understand its structure, use and history. It has even led to the discovery of a previously unknown mosaic.

All of the knowledge from the digs will be used to develop better protection and preservation of the new discoveries. This summer’s dig is the last one of the five years of excavations. Archaeologists are returning to the villa for three weeks starting 14 August to continue their investigations on the North Range.

Discoveries that were made over the last four years have included a grand reception room with an extensive mosaic floor; architectural fragments of the villa; colourful painted plasterwork; Roman glass, pottery and coins; marble and even a Roman key.

The plan for this year is to investigate some rooms further along the northern side of the villa. Most of these areas have only been partially excavated a long time ago, with poor documentation of results other than informing us that they do have mosaics with intricate designs. The excavations are very likely to reveal some beautiful surprises that have been lying dormant underground for many years.

Two National Trust archaeologists – Martin Papworth and Nancy Grace will lead the dig and every day will share the results on their blog.

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