Curator's choice: Five must-sees at Chedworth Roman Villa

I am the Curator for Chedworth Roman Villa. Michael Wood’s TV series Legacy: A Search for the Origins of Civilisation (1992) first alerted me to the wonderful world of archaeology. Before I knew it I was studying archaeology at university. I worked as a curator at the Roman Legionary Museum at Caerleon, South Wales for ten years. I look after a range of historic sites for the National Trust, but my heart remains deep in Roman Britain.

Julie Reynolds, Curator Julie Reynolds Curator
Satyr and maenad detail from Chedworth Roman Villa's dining room mosaic

A mosaic for all seasons

The mosaic in the dining room sparks my imagination. I can see gods and spirits playing in the middle and mysterious figures from each season dancing in the corners.

View of the latrine at Chedworth Roman Villa

The ultimate in luxury - a flushing toilet

Were guests to the villa impressed by the mosaic floors and underfloor heating, or the luxury flushing toilets?

Illustration of the West Range

Sweat, steam and socialising - the West Range bath suite

Bathing was so intertwined with Roman daily life and culture the archaeological remains of its practice have been scarred into our landscape.

Delve into the past in the Victorian museum

Hair pins tell us a story

It is not always the extraordinary things that I seek out, but the everyday items that were thrown away. They can provide clues about who lived at Chedworth Roman Villa.

A nature spring or a shrine to Roman spirits?

Nymphs versus Christ - the battle for souls

In this deep, wooded valley gods and spirits have waged a war to win attention and devotion. An octagonal pool built around a natural spring was the battlefield.