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Chirk Castle in Autumn from the gardens to the East
Published : 13 Sep 2016 Last update : 28 Oct 2016

Welcome to the Chirk Castle blog. Visit each month for updates from Visitor Services Assistant Huw Sayer, who will be delving into some of the castle's lesser known history and personalities, as well as reporting on the latest events, conservation work, and stories from the team....

Our third entry, again from October 2016, delves deeper into the history around the festival of Hallowe'en, or Samhain, and how it used to be celebrated very differently around the British Isles.

Click below to find out more, and visit the castle until 30 October to try your hand at Pumpkin Carving and have a go at our family-friendly pumpkin themed mystery trail.

The story so far...

14 Sep 16

September - Invasion!

It’s 1165 and the mighty Henry II is gathering his forces, ready to expand his enormous empire even further... “Thinking to annihilate all Welsh,” he leaves Oswestry and marches west, into Wales...

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Members of local re-enactment group Cwmwd Ial prepare to commemorate the Battle of Crogen at Chirk Castle

01 Oct 16

October - Thoughts of home from a father at war

When war was declared in 1914 Tommy, 8th Lord Howard de Walden, handed over his new yacht to the Navy, his horses to the Army, and set sail for Egypt...

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A group photo of WW1 Officers, with Lord Howard de Walden seated bottom rom, second from right

27 Oct 16

October - Hallowe'en or Samhain?

Away from all of the ‘trick or treating,’ and buckets of sweets I thought that you might like a brief look at some of the British traditions which have largely disappeared...

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Spooky looking pumpkins arranged outside a door in the Chirk Castle courtyard