Recent projects at Cliveden

Across the Grade 1 listed gardens and within the house itself, now a luxury hotel, we have undertaken a number of conservation projects.

The Generator House

The Generator House

Towards the end of January, a viewing platform will be constructed so you can see conservation first-hand on Cliveden's Generator House. The Generator House is an important building constructed for the Astors' to supply them with electricity, one of the very first private homes in the UK to do so. After many years of gradual decay, the Trust now have the opportunity to restore a significant part of this interesting engineering building.

Tortoise Fountain conservation

The Tortoise Fountain

Thomas Waldo Story, most known for his much larger sculpture the Fountain of Love on Cliveden’s Grand Avenue, created the unique Tortoise Fountain in 1890 for William Waldorf Astor. And, though modest in comparison, is still a noteworthy sculpture which requires careful preservation to keep it standing for another 128 years.

Cliveden Pagoda Bells

The Pagoda Bells

In its heyday, Cliveden's Chinese Pagoda adorned 24 golden bells around the circumference of its structure. Thanks to the generosity of the National Trust Centres and Associations, we’ve replicated 8 original bells; a major milestone towards restoring the Pagoda back to its intended splendour.

The Liddesdale Canoe

The Liddesdale Canoe

The almost 100 year old Liddesdale Canoe desperately needs restoring. With her rich history steeped in memories, the Liddesdale is more than a boat, she's a capsule in time taking us back to when having fun was a fair bit simpler.

Blenheim Pavilion

Blenheim Pavilion

In 2017 and early 2018, our attention turned to the Blenheim Pavilion. Our conservation team stripped back the crumbling brick walls and ceiling and uncovered several layers of derelict in this unique building, one of the oldest on the estate.

The Boathouse at Cliveden

The Boathouse at Cliveden

After 150 years of use, the exterior of Cliveden's Victorian Boathouse desperately needed saving.

Feathers Gates

Feathers Gates

Feathers Gates have been welcoming guests to Cliveden since the 19th century. William Waldorf Astor envisioned an entrance just as grand as the house. Therefore we needed to make sure we’re doing him justice and keeping the gates looking spectacular.

Cliveden House

The South Terrace at Cliveden

Conservation work to the South Terrace is now complete. Have a look at how we've restored this 350 year old Terrace to its former glory.

Summer planting on the Parterre at Cliveden, Buckinghamshire

Planting the Parterre at Cliveden  

Since 2010, we've been working to recapture the glory of Cliveden’s pièce de résistance – the Parterre. It takes dedication to keep it going...

Cliveden's Rose Garden

Reinstating the rose garden 

In 2014, we completed a project to reinstate the Rose Garden, based on an original 1950s design. Over 900 roses were planted to create a colourful summer long display.

uit trees growing over hoops in the Round Garden at Cliveden, Buckinghamshire

The Round Garden at Cliveden 

The ongoing restoration of the gardens at Cliveden has revealed many secrets, including a long-lost fruit garden which has been out of production since the 1950s.

Plum trees

Fruit trees return to the Walled Garden 

Did you know our main visitor car park was originally a walled garden created to supply the estate with fruit and vegetables? We've been working to reinstate the kitchen garden character by planting fruit trees against the walls.