Autumn colour at Clumber Park

The Chapel at Clumber Park in Autumn

Discover the amazing seasonal changes as they develop across Clumber Park. Autumn brings a whole array of new delights, from the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot, the comfort of the big jumpers and the opportunity to get closer to nature and the wildlife that can be found at this time of year. Whether you're visiting with family or want a break from the world and a bit of peace and tranquility there is so much to explore.

Summer may be fading away, but the nights are still light enough for a long walks and autumn is the perfect time to make memories at Clumber Park.

The natural world displays an incredibile array of colour, from the burnt oranges and red hues of the trees, the chance to hear wildlife you may not normally be familiar with or the opportunity to find moments to stand and admire the variety of fungi on the ground.


The cool air, crunch of leaves and the songs of birds are just some of the joys of autumn woodlands. The rich tapestry of leaves form exquisite patchworks of colour. 

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  • Explore a little further afield on your bikes and see whether you can discover a new favourite place to visit over the changing seasons.

Walled Kitchen Garden

A visit to the Walled Kitchen Garden is beautiful at any time of year, but especially at harvest.

The focus of the team is very much on harvesting the bounty of our orchards; seeing the months of care and hard work coming to fruition.

The grass, which is kept long during the summer to provide food and habitat for a vast range of pollinators and invertebrates needs to be cut, trees are checked for damage, or for things that could cause winter damage such as too-tight tree ties or rubbing tree stakes.

Now is not a time to be too tidy either - windfalls are left as winter forage for birds such as our resident blackbirds and migratory visitors such as the fieldfares which visit every year.

As the beauty of the flowers fade into autumn, the orchards really do come into their own. Why not take a wander through the garden from the top of Cedar Avenue, and see if you can find your favourite orchard in the garden?

Around the lake

This is one of the most popular walks at Clumber Park, and in the autumn the opportunity for delight is ever increasing. The chapel framed from the South Lawns in the misty morning light is a just a dream. 

As you make your way through the mosaic of habitats, from woodlands, to heath, from the birds around the lake, to the open views across the gardens; be sure to explore every inch of the Pleasure Grounds this autumn. 

A photographers' dream

Whether you have a camera or whip out your phone and see what you can capture, the swooping of birds over the lake, the changing colours of autumn or the fungi hidden across the estate. At Clumber Lane, and South Lodge Road the stunning beech trees give a superb arrange of colour to capture.

Fungi spotting

If fungi is your thing, Clumber Park is perfect for you this autumn. Although the weather hasn't been in our favour there are still lots of vivid species of fungi and rare mushrooms to discover around the Park on your walks. Why not set off on a new path and see what you can discover?

Fungi at Clumber Park
Fungi at Clumber Park
Fungi at Clumber Park

Keep a close look out on your adventures, as you may be lucky enough to see Jays and Green Woodpeckers searching for bugs as you amble along happily along our scenic paths. By visiting Clumber Park and strolling in the fallen leaves, you are helping us to look after this special place.