BBQ Ban at Clumber Park

Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue visit Clumber Park

Just a single spark from a barbecue can damage landscapes and harm wildlife. Help us keep Clumber Park safe by not bringing a barbecue or lighting a campfire when you visit.

Why can’t I bring a BBQ?

Barbecues are a significant fire risk and can be hazardous for wildlife. Disposable barbeques are one of the main causes of grass fires, along with lit cigarettes and glass bottles which magnify the sun’s rays. 

Much of Clumber Park is registered as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and our team works hard to protect the diverse range of ecological habitats in the park.

Please note BBQs are not allowed anywhere on site, including the previously allocated BBQ area.

Wildfires on the rise

Incidences of UK wildfires are increasing in number and severity, in part due to changing weather patterns. 2019 was the worst year on record, with the unseasonably warm February and Easter contributing to blazes across the country.

Among these was a devastating barbecue fire at the Trust’s Marsden Moor estate, which destroyed 700 hectares of wildlife habitat and burned for four days, placing huge strain on the emergency services.

Reducing litter at Clumber Park

Please ensure that you leave no litter that may cause fires or magnify the sun - as always, we urge you to take all litter home with you. If you smoke, please extinguish cigarettes fully and safely.

The safety of our visitors is paramount. We also have a duty of care to look after this special place and protect important wildlife habitats. With your help, we can help reduce the risk of wildfires, and help ensure that days out in the beautiful sunshine are safe and happy ones.

If you do spot a fire, dial 999 immediately and ask for the fire service.

Staff and volunteers at Clumber Park carry out regular patrols throughout the park, particularly in woodlands and heathland areas.

Instead of a barbecue, why not bring a picnic? You can find a list of our favourite picnic spots at Clumber Park here.