Clumber Park Revitalised

Clumber Park bridge

Clumber Park is a special and important place, one of just a handful of Grade 1 registered parks in the country and enjoyed by many people. In fact it is one of the top five most visited National Trust places in the country.

Our Vision for Clumber Park

We’re looking after this special place forever, for everyone and conservation is key. We’re working to enrich the landscape and wildlife of Clumber Park.  Our vision is for a revealed and revitalised Clumber Park, where magical stories bring the past to life.

A family enjoy the stunning backdrop of the Ornamental Bridge
Family by the bridge at Clumber Park

Clumber Park Revitalised

An exciting new era has begun at Clumber Park.  We’ve launched a 10 year programme to rejuvenate one of the National Trust’s finest properties.

Restoring our Historic Landscape

Carved from Sherwood Forest, Clumber Park is an important example of a designed landscape.  Over the years many of its grandest features and views have been lost. 

We will be thinning areas of woodland and scrub to reveal hidden layers of the parkland and important wildlife habitat.

Longhorn Cattle at Clumber Park
Longhorn Cattle at Clumber Park

Revitalising the Pleasure Grounds

Research shows us that the Pleasure Grounds are much larger than we originally thought.  They include land on both sides of the Clumber Lake, and are made up of a series of areas, each of which has a distinct character.

We have just started to make some minor improvements whilst we are designing a full restoration programme.

Revealing Lost Treasures

Clumber Park is a place of lost treasures and hidden stories.  We’ll help you to discover those secrets through a programme of seasonal activities and events throughout the year.

The re-imagined Lincoln Frigate at Clumber Park
The re-imagined Lincoln Frigate at Clumber Park

Helping you to have a great visit

Visiting Clumber Park is not just about enjoying the heritage and beautiful open spaces.  It’s also about having great food and drink, and opportunities to shop for something special.

Good toilet facilities and clear signs are important to make your visit enjoyable, so we are making improvements to these too

Thank You

The National Trust is a charity and relies on the support of visitors and members to continue the important work of conserving special places forever, for everyone. 

Your support is invaluable to the future of this magnificent place.

If you have further questions, please refer to our dedicated Q&A document.

We encourage your feedback. Email the Clumber Park Revitalised team