Central Bark - Dog-friendly café & walking your dog at Clumber Park

Central Bark - Dog-Friendly Cafe at Clumber Park

As part of Clumber Park Revitalised, we have opened a dog-friendly café at Clumber Park called 'Central Bark' as a trial. Come along and bring your four-legged friends and enjoy the atmosphere.

Long term vision

Dog owners make up a large proportion of our visitors and currently there isn’t a lot of space for them to sit and enjoy a sweet treat out of the elements.

So as part of Clumber Park Revitalised we have decided to open ‘Central Bark’ a trial dog café. Just outside the Walled Kitchen Garden it’s in the heart of Clumber Park and offers a pit stop on any adventure.

Come and Enjoy

To start with we will be offering hot and cold refreshments, sweet treats and light bites and an environment for you and your dogs to relax along the way. We also offer doggy products to purchase, incase you may have forgotten to bring something on your walk!

We can offer somewhere warm out of the wind or on a nice day come and enjoy our coffee garden! We have dog bowls for your canine friends, as well as toys for them to play with, to ensure that your dog will be in their element.

Dog Walking group at Clumber Park
Dog walking
Dog Walking group at Clumber Park

Opening Hours

Between 31st March and 27th October (Summer times), Central Bark is open between 9am - 4pm.

Between 27th October and 31st March (Winter times), Central Bark is open between 9am - 3pm

Let us know what you think

Keep us posted along the way about how you think we’re doing. You’ll be able to do this in Central Bark. As this is a trial we need as much input from you as possible. That way we can keep improving to make this a space which is loved by dog and master. You can get in touch with any feedback by emailing clumberparkrevitalised@nationaltrust.org.uk, and you can find out more about Clumber Park Revitalised here: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/clumber-park/features/clumber-park-revitalised

Walking your dog at Clumber Park

Exploring the 3,800 acres of beautiful natural woodland with your furry companion by your side is one of the best ways to see Clumber Park. Dogs are welcome in all outdoor areas of the park and we even have a dedicated indoor space where your furry friends can relax and take the weight off their paws after a long walk.

Main visitor facilities

You can find dog bowls of water next to the cafe's outdoor seating area. Just off from the cafe is a cosy indoor area where you can enjoy your refreshments from the cafe and your furry friend can relax in the dog beds/blankets provided.

Out and about

Clumber Park is home to many cattle, deer and other wildlife.  Please keep dogs under control at all times and on leads near livestock, other animals, nesting birds and around the visitor facilities and in the Pleasure Grounds. Please clear up any mess, bag it and bin it. Our general waste bins can be used for dog waste as well as the additional dog waste bins we provide.

Longhorn Cattle at Clumber Park
Longhorn Cattle at Clumber Park
Longhorn Cattle at Clumber Park

Assistance Dogs

Assistance dogs are welcome in all areas of Clumber Park.


We appreciate that your furry friends enjoy exploring just as much as we do. But we kindly ask you keep dogs on leads  at all times when at Clumber Park. All dogs must be on leads within the Pleasure Grounds.


There are some fabulous routes with plenty to see at Clumber Park. Here are a few of our favourites: