The National Rhubarb Collection at Clumber Park

The National Rhubarb Collection is at Clumber Park

The Walled Kitchen Garden at Clumber Park is home to the National Collection of Rhubarb - over 130 varieties, making it the second largest collection in the world.

Our collection is being constantly added to and is proudly tended to by our specialist gardeners.

We are helping the Royal Horticultural Society conserve some of the UK's most endangered rhubarb varieties.

60 varieties have recently been planted, bringing the total number of varieties up to over the 130 mark.

Clumber's head gardener, Chris Margrave, is a self confessed rhubarb enthusiast.

Head Gardener with rhubarb in the Walled Kitchen Garden
Head Gardener with rhubarb in the Walled Kitchen Garden

He said: "When the Royal Horticultural Society told us they were looking for a garden to help look after these old and endangered rhubarb varieties we jumped at the chance."

Most of the rhubarb varieties at Clumber are not widely grown.

"It's really satisfying to know that we're making a real practical contribution to plant conservation.

"One of the most exciting aspects of having so many is the opportunity to taste all the unusual flavours - some have hints of cherry, greengage, apple or strawberry," he said.

Tasting sessions occur during 'Rhubarb Month' at Clumber Park and at designated times throughout the year.

Explore the 130 varieties of rhubarb in the Walled Kitchen Garden
Gardeners picking fresh rhubarb in the Walled Kitchen Garden at Clumber Park

The garden's team aim to increase the size of our collection as well as force a few more new varieties using techniques developed in the early 19th century.

The team have also recently unveiled the 'Rhubaphone', a culmination of a fantastic collaboration between the National Trust and Lancaster University, in which our rhubarb becomes interactive... different varieties can audibly tell you different facts about themselves!

Content which has been especially written for us by award-winning children’s author Claire Dean.

Entry to the Walled Kitchen Garden is completely free for all who enter Clumber Park.