Colby's Walled Garden

Greenery in the Walled Garden at Colby

Colby’s walled garden features a fantastic formal flora display that’s bursting with seasonal sights and scents.

Year-round colour

A real treasure trove for herbaceous plants, shrubs and unusual trees, the secret garden has truly blossomed since its humble beginnings as a vegetable plot.

There’s year-round colour, defined by magnificent magnolia in spring and summer, and acers, Japanese maples and viburnums in autumn and winter.

Of course, it’s not all about flower power. A Victorian Gothic inspired gazebo takes pride of place within the grounds and is home to a bespoke piece of trompe l'oeil artwork, which you can see up close.

What’s the walled garden’s story?

Starting life as a kitchen garden, the walled garden was actually semi-derelict by the 1970s. It was transformed into a formal setting by Mr and Mrs Scourfield-Lewis, who took on Colby Lodge (the on-site house) and the walled garden in the 1980s.

The walled garden returned to the National Trust in 2010 and our team have cared for it ever since.

Must-sees in the walled garden

  1. Magnolia - A riot of colour in spring and summer, the magnolia tree sits above the entrance to the garden.
  2. Trompe l'oeil painting - Within the gazebo you’ll find an impressive optical illusion of Colby. Known as trompe l’oeil or ‘trick of the eye’, Peter Chance (who gave us the estate) commissioned American artist Lincoln Taber to paint it.
  3. Water feature - Punctuated by plants and paths, follow the flow of water as it works its way through the garden. It’s ever so soothing.
  4. Sculptures - You’ll find quirky sculptures dotted all over the garden, see how many you can spot.