An immersive audio experience at Corfe Castle

Corfe Castle at sunrise surrounded by mist

This October half term Corfe Castle will be host to two ‘sound pools’ within the castle walls. This collaboration has come together through a working partnership with a group of talented artists, Charles Harrison, Charlie Perks, Phil Rankin and the National Trust.

Family-friendly audio trail

'For this project our focus has been on audio and we’ve been creating audio tracks inspired by Corfe Castle’s upcoming 2020 autumn trail. Each point of the autumn trail conjures a story and inspires a sound world related to that narrative. The creative side of things for us is how we have been able to interpret these stories using only sound! For example: the murder of Edward the Martyr might bring an anonymous assassin into the scene; the ‘turncoat’ parliamentarians who initiated Corfe’s demise in 1646 suggests battle, drama, and chaos; and the 22 knights locked away by King John to perish in the Obliette might evoke pain, evil, and worry!

'Our family-friendly audio will bring members of the public closer to the actions of the past. As you walk through the historic grounds, you may hear the sounds of battle and war drums, or the distant cry of a prisoner, or perhaps even the gentler sound of the autumn landscape as a peasant walks by the water.'

- Charles Harrison, sound-designer, composer and musician

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A trail through history

'It was important to me that each piece of audio told a story much in the way that Charles’ original composition did. This time however, I wanted to use more dramatic vocals and sound effects to convey the often dark and tumultuous history of the Castle. 

'Each track reflects a particular event in the Castle’s history and I hope visitors will have fun listening to and identifying what event each track represents; from tortured and wailing prisoners incarcerated by King John in the dungeon, to orders being barked by the Roundhead soldiers in the explosive civil war battle and defiance of Mary Bankes.'

- Charlie Perks, writer, actor, voice over, creative concept strategist

" I’ve always loved playing around with audio and doing sound design for my own small films. The opportunity to interpret what history would sound like is exciting and it is a challenge to creatively convey how the stories might have played out and what feeling it brings. Imagining the swift assassination of Edward the Martyr from his point of view gives a sense of how suddenly everything can end as he was dragged away by his frightened horse drawing his final breath."
- Phil Rankin, filmmaker, actor, voice over, director, animator, artist/VFX artist

October half term 2020  

This October half term, book to enjoy the castle dressed in seasonal natural decorations, seek and discover with the castle quest and be transported with a theatrical audio experience. All activities and experiences will be included in regular admission. Tickets for entry should be booked to avoid disappointment.

Tickets for Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 October will be available from Friday 16 October, and tickets for the half-term week commencing 26 October will go on live on Friday 23 October. Set a reminder to book as we anticipate tickets to be popular for this week.