Civil War: Besieged, Saturday 26 May-Sunday 27 May

A full programme recreates the most dramatic time in the 1,000 year history of Corfe Castle when royalist heroine Lady Mary Bankes faced the might of Cromwell’s besieging Roundheads.

  • 11am Join the gathering of the villagers in the square. Lady Bankes summons tenants and friends to join her in the castle. 
  • 11.30am Attempted seizing of the cannon (one cannon shot will be fired). 
  • 12 noon Pike and musket drills by Lord Hopton's Regiment of Foote (expect musket fire). 
  • 12.45pm -Civil War soldiers' academy: Children are invited to join Lord Hopton's Regiment and take part in their own pike drill. 
  • 1pm Lady Mary Bankes dines with her Cavalier officers in the officers' mess.
  •  2.30pm The assault: The Roundheads are lavished with 'strong water' to persuade them to attack. 
  • 3.30pm - General salute. 
  • 5pm - Event close. 

Please note that the musket fire can be very loud, not all dogs or young children appreciate it!

Civil War:Besieged is a free event but normal admission charges apply – free to National Trust members.