Conserving the Castle

The area where conservation is taking place

We are working on stonework at Corfe Castle as part of our commitment to conservation.

The castle will remain open throughout and there will be little or no disruption.

The work is part of an ongoing programme of works on different areas of the castle.

The focus this winter is on a large section of ‘tumble’ to the left of the outer bailey as you enter the castle through the main gatehouse.

By ‘tumble’ we mean stonework which split away when the castle was partly demolished by Parliamentarian sappers following its capture in the English Civil War.

Scaffolding will be in place on the tumble from the middle of December 2016. Conservation work is due to start in earnest in January 2017 for completion in March.

Specialist contractors will look closely at the medieval lime mortar which binds pieces of masonry together.

The work focuses on a section of the outer defences partially demolished in the English Civil War
Conservation work taking place at Corfe Castle

Where necessary, it will be replaced using traditional techniques and a recipe virtually identical to that used in the middle ages.

Like other medieval monuments, Corfe Castle needs regular conservation to preserve its fabric from the elements.

Recent work has focused on the walls and towers of the outer bailey, as well as the main gatehouse and the south west gatehouse.

Major works on the keep and inner ward in 2006-9 won an award from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors for the use of traditional materials and techniques.