Corfe Castle Sculpture Exhibition

A piece of sculpture at Corfe Castle

The story of Corfe Castle itself provides the inspiration for the show, which includes works by eight local artists.

Carlotta Barrow

  • Living in the last house on Peveril Point, on the site of an old Purbeck marble quarry, Carlotta acquired a passion for stone. With tuition from established sculptors she has evolved her own style. Early life as a professional dancer and work as a designer in films have all contributed to creating a love of movement and form. She is also keen to pass on knowledge of this local skill of stone carving and has created projects for young people at the Burngate Stone Carving Centre. Carlotta also worked on the Swanage and Purbeck Sculpture Trail to bring attention to the diverse art works in Purbeck.

Jonathan Sells

  • Jonathan is an award winning sculptor based in Purbeck. Most of his work is created in local Purbeck and Portland limestone. He is known particularly for his huge (and often quirky) sculptures but also undertakes private commissions. His work is both figurative and abstract and much of his work shows his deep love of nature, or his amusing observations on the human condition.

John Wolfe

  • John was inspired by a surgical career and visits to Gaza, but also by movement and wildlife. “My sculptures are meant to express motion and emotion. The two in the exhibition are bronze resin but I also work in plaster and stone”.

John Davey

  • John was born in Ireland. He began studying art at Bournemouth, finishing his art degree at Brighton Art School. To gain more experience he helped Phillip King and Pierre Vivant establish the Tout Quarry Sculpture Park at Portland. Moving to France, John was employed by sculptor Armand Pellier. He now lives in Weymouth creating sculptures inspired by the Jurassic Coast.

Angelika Seik

  • Angelika was born in Germany and initially trained as an art teacher. She moved to Corfe Castle in 1995 and set up her own studio. In recent years Angelika has made a series of female forms, depicting timeless universal women. “I love stone caring because it is direct, immediate and real. When carving I am in harmony with myself. I express myself and my life in my work, rather than simply creating decorative objects”.

Christopher Burke

  • Christopher graduated from The Royal College of Art in 1968 and has since worked as both a sculptor and artist. Now based in Purbeck, his inspiration is formed through the observation of the sea colliding with landmasses, the rock formations and the patterns and textures in the limestone.

Moira Purver

  • Moira has developed a real passion for sculpture through coming back to it in later life. This has transformed her life since she established her studio in Purbeck in 2008. She loves the challenges and excitement she experiences as she learns new skills and her work develops. Whether studying human form or animals, she works to capture the essence of their warmth and vitality.

Alan Davis

  • Alan’s work has been influenced by the late sculptress Mary Spencer-Watson. He is particularly drawn to the splendour of birds of prey and works in both Purbeck limestone and marble.

Corfe Castle Sculpture Exhibition is free to visit but normal admission charges apply — free for members of the National Trust.