Family fun at Corfe Castle

Corfe Castle on top of a hill, against a cloudy summer sky

From completing family quests to rolling down a really big hill and playing pooh sticks, your next adventure awaits. Experience '50 things to do before you’re 11¾' with the whole family at Corfe Castle. Adventures start as soon as you arrive.

The Saxon rune challenge 

New for summer 2020, the Saxon rune challenge takes castle explorers back to a time before the castle's great keep was built. During the Saxon era, Corfe Castle is famously known as the site of the murder of Edward the Martyr. Imagine yourself in a Saxon Corfe Castle as you explore the ruins to find and decipher the hidden Runes, letters from the Saxon alphabet.  

Download this PDF to stay contact free and to help us save paper:

Saxon rune challenge (PDF / 0MB) download

1000 years of history castle quest 

Explore the history of Corfe Castle through this castle quest. From the forming of the natural castle mound during the ice age to when the National Trust arrived in 1982, this quest in its treasure hunt style will help you explore it all.

How it works? Answer correctly and go to the next location. If your answer is wrong, you will be sent to another location and be left scratching your head.

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1000 years of history castle quest (PDF / 4.9MB) download

Need answers?

For both the Rune Challenge and the Castle Quest, head to the answer station to satisfy your curiosity. 

Family trail and hand sanitiser at Corfe Castle
Family trail and hand sanitiser at Corfe Castle in summer 2020
Family trail and hand sanitiser at Corfe Castle

Top spots for '50 things' at Corfe Castle

  • The little bridge on the Wildlife Walk is just made for playing pooh sticks and you could even try building a dam.
  • Watch out for birds in the tea-room garden, where the sparrows are really friendly — higher up, you might see ravens and jackdaws.
  • When you get to the castle itself you’ll find a big hill just waiting to be rolled down and the grassy banks feel great under bare feet.
  • If you lie on your back in the outer bailey you’ll see the clouds whipping past the castle keep, and if you’re feeling extra adventurous, try climbing West Hill. It’s a bit steep but the views are fantastic.
More family fun at Corfe Castle
A family on the play trail at Corfe Castle

Explore the Wildlife Walk and play trail

See what you can spot as you walk between the car park and the castle. Our Wildlife Walk takes you into the woods and over the Corfe River where there is a play trail made of all natural materials. Signs along the way let you know what you could see if you keep your eyes peeled.

Picnicking at Clyston mill

Enjoy a picnic

Stock up on treats in our shop or tea-rooms then find a place to feast. You can picnic anywhere you like in the castle grounds, but the Outer Bailey and the castle mound with views over the village are favourite spots for many families.

A family with binoculars at Corfe Castle

Look out for the ravens

Their nest is high up in the stonework - you might see them come and go. An old legend claims that if the ravens ever leave the castle something terrible will happen. It is said they did disappear for a time shortly before the castle was captured in the English Civil War, but since then they've been nesting here quite happily for hundreds of years.

A family enjoying the view from the inner ward at Corfe Castle

Take in the views

Once you reach the top you will be rewarded with breathtaking views. See if you can spot Corfe's other castle to the west. The medieval fort known as The Rings was built by a besieging army during the civil war between King Stephen and the Empress Matilda in the 12th century.