Saxons and Vikings - May bank holiday weekend

The year is 876 and terror once again stalks the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Wessex. Five years ago the Vikings rampaged through the land until Saxon King Alfred was forced to make peace. Now the uneasy truce is over.

A new Viking leader, Guthrum, has launched a surprise attack and the Norsemen have captured the important town of Wareham in Purbeck.

Alfred has gathered his army and marched south to expel them. But Wareham is defended by stout earthworks and a frontal assault would be too costly, so Alfred is forced to lay siege to his own town. Now watch as the drama unfolds ...

Visit King Alfred’s Court as part of Saxons and Vikings: Siege of Wareham, Saturday 5 May to Monday 7 May at Corfe Castle.

Little warriors

You'll get to witness authentic battle re-enactments, join the ranks as a little warrior and stroll through the Saxon living history display.

Alfred would later be known as Alfred the Great, after defeating the Vikings and laying the foundations of a united England.

The siege of Wareham came at a low point for the Anglo-Saxons when most of England was under Viking domination and only Wessex resisted.

Alfred himself would be pushed to the brink of defeat before snatching ultimate victory from its jaws.


  • 10am: Saxon living history village opens.
  • 11am: Viking raid on the Saxon stronghold of Corfe. 
  • 12.30pm: King Alfred’s Court. The forming of the great alliance. Training the young volunteer warriors to join King Alfred’s army. 
  • 2.45pm Mustering the Saxon, Brythonic and Viking armies for battle.

Saxons and Vikings is a free event but normal admission charges apply – free to members.