East of England

With its beautiful coastline, countryside, stately homes, glorious gardens and picturesque villages, East Anglia has so much to offer.

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A lone seat invites visitors to relax among the lavender at Paycocke's House and Garden

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We recommend you book in advance for visits to our places, especially at busy times such as weekends and bank holidays. However, where space is available on weekdays, pre-booking isn't always necessary. See what's open near you.

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Handmade cushions

The Artisan Collective Fair: Tickets now on sale 

The Artisan Collective Fair 3 - 5 September 2021 brings together a handpicked selection of the UK’s finest creators, makers, crafting experts and local producers.

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Carey Mulligan as Edith Pretty exploring the soil

The Dig: the true story 

The Dig is a new film by Netflix, exploring the story of the excavation of the Great Ship Burial at Sutton Hoo in 1939. Nominated for five BAFTAs including Outstanding British Film, the film is based on a novel, written by John Preston. Many of the events and characters depicted in both the film and the book are inspired by real events and real people. Here we share the incredible true story.

View of Oxburgh Hall from the historic parkland

Historic parkland project underway at Oxburgh Hall 

Restoring the parkland to its 19th century heyday will create one of the largest wood pastures in the Trust, help attract more wildlife and create a habitat more resilient to climate change.

Oxburgh Hall scaffolding

Oxburgh's ambitious roof restoration 

Follow our most ambitious restoration project to date, which will secure the future of this 500 year old building. Along the way we'll share our discoveries, life behind the scenes and opportunities to take a closer look.

Sheepdog Sweep at Orford Ness

New sheepdog finding his paws at Orford Ness 

There's a new member of the team at Orford Ness. Sweep is the new sheepdog who helps shepherd Andrew take care of the flock of rare breed sheep, but he needs to find his sea paws first.

Celtic deity figure found at Wimpole

Wimpole's Celtic deity 

Archaeologists discovered this 1st-century metal figure while digging near Wimpole Hall, Cambridgeshire. Recent cleaning and conservation have revealed remarkable details of a moustache and what may have been a popular East Anglian hairstyle.

Moth damage to the State Bedroom carpet at Blickling

Ground breaking new pest control trial at Blickling Hall 

We're beginning a new pest-control trial, using natural methods in a combination not previously used in a heritage setting to tackle clothes moths. This will help us safeguard treasured items such as the ‘Peter the Great’ tapestry, which was gifted by Catherine the Great to Blickling’s then-owner in the 1760s.

Chocolate and Boer War Helmet Oxburgh Hall

121-year-old chocolate discovered at Oxburgh Hall 

Chocolate commissioned by Queen Victoria in 1900, still within its original wrapper and tin, has been discovered in a Boer War helmet at Oxburgh Hall.

Close up of a rare black seal pup at Blakeney Point

Rare black seal pups spotted at Blakeney 

Grey seals are born white and then shed their fur to expose a grey coat at about two to three weeks old. But about one in 400 - known as melanistic seals - have a velvety black coat. Rangers at Blakeney Point have seen 10 melanistic pups this winter.

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