Golden hour at Dinefwr Park

Important notice -

In line with Welsh Government legislation and 'fire break' lockdown, all our places in Wales will temporarily close from 24 October to 9 November to restrict the spread of coronavirus. We urge people to follow legislation, stay home and not travel.

Historic Newton House surrounded by Natural Nature Reserve and 18th century landscape Deer Park

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Please book ahead before visiting 

Newton House at Dinefwr will be open from Saturday 3 October on weekends only. The house is open from 11am – 4pm and you’ll need to book your tickets by 3pm on the day before you visit. Members can book for free, while non-members will need to pay when booking. We’ll be releasing tickets every Friday. To avoid disappointment please book in advance. However, where space is available pre-booking may not always be necessary. If you do not book we cannot guarantee admission. The outdoor café is open daily from 11am – 4pm. The car park and parkland is open daily from 10am – 4pm and do not require pre-booking. There is a £5 per car charge to park on entry, but if you wish to visit the house and numbers permit, your parking charge will be refunded. If you have paid to visit the house by pre-booking, you will not be charged parking.

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Cancelled - Timed entry to Dinefwr (24 Oct - 25 Oct)

Sat 24 Oct 2020
Book your timed entry to visit Dinefwr.
Fallow deer graze the ancient pasture at Dinefwr

Parkland walks at Dinefwr 

“If you take a handful of the soil of Dinefwr and squeeze it in your hand, the juice that will flow from your hands is the essence of Wales.” - Wynford Vaughan Thomas.



Dinefwr White Park Cow

White Park Cattle at Dinefwr 

Our famous herd of White Park Cattle have a fascinating history that dates back to the year 920.



White Park Cattle at Dinefwr

The legend of Lady of the Lake at Dinefwr 

The White Park Cattle of Dinefwr are associated with some of the most famous Welsh legends and folklore, none more so than the story of the Lady of the Lake at Llyn y Fan Fach.

Oxbow lakes and River Tywi, Dinefwr Park, Carmarthenshire

The lake of reflections at Dinefwr 

The lake of reflections makes you look more wealthy than you are


Our work

Flowers in meadow

Conservation Grazers at Dinefwr 

Conservation machines; our White Park Cattle are our best tool for conserving our flowering hay meadows.

Bluebells at Dinefwr with Newton House in background

Conservation in Carmarthenshire  

Find out about some of the conservation projects we're working on here in Carmarthenshire.


Join or give

Fountain Garden at Dinefwr Black and White

Fundraising for our Fountain Garden at Dinefwr 

One of our conservation ambitions for Dinefwr is the restoration of our Fountain Garden. Find out what we're doing and how you can lend a hand too.