Summer wildlife at Dunstable Downs

Badger in autumn at Dunstable Downs Bedfordshire

Summer is in full swing and mammals such as badgers, foxes and rabbits will be teaching their young to be more independent. There are plenty of wild spaces to enjoy across our Bedfordshire properties, including Chute Wood at Dunstable Downs and the Whipsnade Tree Cathedral.

Autumn glory

Autumn's a great time of year to go wildlife spotting. Many creatures such as foxes, badgers and squirrels are busy preparing for winter by collecting food and building cosy dens. Our Ranger team are also busy helping to protect their natural habitats for years to come by continuing their vital conservation work.

Snap the wildlife

Autumn is also an ideal season for wildlife photography. As the leaves turn from green to gold, then copper to deep red, you can capture these rich and vibrant colours, and perhaps a beautiful bird or wild animal if you're lucky!