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As part of our 125th anniversary celebrations, an innovative photographic book and online exhibition tell the stories of 125 people and their relationships with us. Here you can enjoy a selection of these beautiful black and white portraits from the book.

'A Portrait of the National Trust: 125 Stories for 125 Years' was the brainchild of Chris Lacey, our former head of photography, and fellow photographer John Millar.

They wanted to do something special in our 125th anniversary year to capture and celebrate some of the many people that make the National Trust what it is today. The outcome was a remarkable book of black and white portraits, which brings together a diverse group of staff, volunteers, members, donors, tenants and suppliers, and the stories of the places they love.

Read about the volunteers who support our cause in so many ways, like Carlos, who loves talking to people about the conservation work going on at Nuffield Place, Oxfordshire. Discover the unique jobs some staff members have, like Stuart Bowden, a dance instructor at Sutton House, London. Meet supporters, such as Linda Smith, the lifetime member who's visited all 500+ places listed in the National Trust Handbook – multiple times.

Here we share some of these special and personal stories. We also take you behind the scenes to uncover more about the creation of the portraits and explore more of our photography connections.

" We shot in colour and adjusted it afterwards. Black and white photography is very stylish, and I think its use acts as a great leveller. "

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Teleri Fielden

Podcast: A portrait of the National Trust

In 2017 Teleri Fielden started her National Trust shepherdess scholarship deep in the valleys of Snowdonia. We revisit her three years on to find out if the early mornings, harsh winters and constant rain have dampened her spirits or given her the drive to prove she’s got what it takes.

A Portrait of the National Trust book

A Portrait of the National Trust: 125 Stories for 125 Years  

2020 is our 125th anniversary year. This limited edition photographic collection shines a light on the many incredible people who contribute their skills, time, passions and personalities to our cause. Featuring dramatic photographic portraits by John Millar and personal interviews, it's a representation of the National Trust as it is today. It's a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years.

Photography focus

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Petworth painting conservation

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