A haunted library and a bookish ghost

Felbrigg Hall, Norfolk, is haunted by a phantom book lover

Former Felbrigg Hall resident William Windham III was obsessed with books. Most of the ghost stories associated with the Norfolk house relate to him.

He is believed to still visit his magnificent library at Felbrigg in order to read all the books he didn’t have time to whilst he was alive.

Books on fire

William Windham inherited the Hall in 1749. In 1809 a fire broke out in a friend’s London library. William couldn’t bear to see the books burn and risked his life rescuing precious volumes.

He was badly injured in the flames and died a few weeks later.

Ghostly reader

But his ghost is still seen in the library at Felbrigg catching up on his reading. Staff and volunteers report seeing William sitting at the library table or relaxing in a library chair.

However, according to at least one source, the ghost will only appear when a particular combination of books is placed on the library table.