Archaeology in the Midlands

Archaeology is a vital part of the work we do looking after special places. Our archaeology team works closely with buildings and estate teams to identify and preserve the hidden secrets of the landscapes and buildings in our care and ensure you can continue to enjoy them in the future.

Archaeologist using spade and trowle
Female archaeologist digging in a shallow trench in a field

Meet the Midlands Archaeologists 

Uncover the stories of the hard-working archaeology team in the Midlands.

Summer Digs


Archaeology on the Clent Hills

Clent Hills, Worcestershire

Discover more about what lies underneath the Clent Hills.


Archaeology at The Firs

The Firs, Worcestershire

Delve deeper into our archaeological mysteries at The Firs


Can Calke dig it?

Calke Abbey, Derbyshire

Uncover what remains at Calke Abbey with the archaeology club


Archaeological discovery at Attingham

Attingham Park, Shropshire

The remains of an Anglo Saxon hall have been discovered by archeaologists on the Attingham Estate.


Archaeology at the manor

Brockhampton, Herefordshire

Visitors and volunteers help to reveal over 1000 years of history at this ancient property.


Exciting archaeological finds

Shugborough Estate, Staffordshire

We have recently conducted a large archaeological survey, which has unearthed some exciting discoveries


Parch marks revealing hidden history

Summer of 2018 was a scorcher, so much so that the grass in many of our places went completely brown. As the ground dried out it started to reveal some pretty amazing bits of archaeology.From lost gardens to entire mansions it was amazing to see shapes appearing right before our eyes.


Uncovering the history of the Clent Hills

Clent Hills, Worcestershire

During May and June 2016, Wolverhampton Archaeology Group will be working with us to investigate some of the hidden history of the Clent Hills.


Neolithic and Early Bronze Age archaeology in the Midlands

The National Trust cares for many unique and historic landscapes across the Midlands, many of which are scattered with the remains of prehistoric occupation.


Archaeology Live at Clumber Park

Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire

In an attempt to find out more about the magnificent but lost 'Clumber House', we held an exciting public archaeology dig on the mansion site in July 2018. Here, we evaluate our finds.


Finding Shelter on the Eastern Moors

Finding shelter on the moors can be tough. Find out more about how people in the past worked and lived out on the Eastern Moors in the Peak District.


Using radar to reveal hidden archaeology

Archaeology isn't all about digging! Some of our properties in the Midlands have been using scientific techniques and radar to investigate what intriguing archaeology survives underground.


The Berrington Garden Project

Berrington Hall, Herefordshire

Find out about Berrington's ambitious Garden Project. Keep up to date with the latest news and research and how you can donate or get involved.


Archaeological discoveries in Fishpool Valley

Croft Castle and Parkland, Herefordshire

Discover what has been unearthed in Fishpool Valley.


Calke Abbey’s lost garden rediscovered

Recent examination of detailed landscaping mapping of Calke Abbey has revealed the remains of a ‘lost’ garden.


Projects at Canons Ashby

Canons Ashby, Northamptonshire

Take a look at the completed and ongoing projects that keep Canons Ashby alive, from ancient archaeology to up to date visitor facilities.


Midlands highlights from Heritage Records Online website

The National Trust Heritage Records Online website is the easy way to discover more about the archaeology we care for.

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Kinver Edge and the Rock Houses, Staffordshire

Explore Kinver Edge and the Rock Houses this summer