Best places for dog walking on the Isle of Wight

Dog playing in sea with owner

We offer you and your dog a huge variety of places to go for a walk on National Trust-owned coast and countryside on the beautiful Isle of Wight.

A bracing seaside walk with your dog can be a wonderful thing. With over 17 miles of National Trust-owned coastline, we have plenty of great locations for you to discover.
At some of our beaches there are seasonal dog restrictions at busy times of the year. These are in place to manage problems with dog fouling and protect the interests of other users, particularly families with children.
We actively manage over 10 percent of the land on the Isle of Wight, including many of the high ridges.

Responsible ownership

In welcoming you and your dog, we ask that you follow our dog policy, which means keeping your dog under control and dealing with its waste. In return, we offer fantastic locations to explore, and provide facilities and information.
Help us to keep the countryside a safe, healthy and enjoyable place:
  • Keep your dog in sight and under control. Use a lead when necessary.
  • Clear up after your dog, particularly in car parks, play areas or on paths, by placing dog mess in a dedicated bin or taking it home.
  • Never let your dog chase wildlife or farm animals. It causes serious injuries and your dog could become lost or hit by a car.
  • Observe local notices when you’re out and about. There may be restrictions in woodland or on farmland at sensitive times of year, like in spring, during the lambing season, and between the beginning of March and the end of July when ground-nesting birds are on eggs or raising their young.

Where to go?

Particular doggy favourites are St Helens Duver, over the downs at Ventnor and Mottistone, and on the beach at Compton Bay – but note that no dogs are allowed between the steps at Hanover Point car park and Freshwater Bay from 15 May to 15 September.