Create your own lightbulb Christmas decoration

A child looking at a shiny bauble on a Christmas tree

'Tis the season to get covered in glitter and magic unloved objects into something sparkling. Join Rosie as she shows you how to create some environmentally friendly Christmas craft ideas at home.

Hold onto your lightbulbs

Father Christmas is on his way and if you have switched to more energy efficient lighting in your house this year, you will be surely be on his ‘nice’ list. But don’t throw those old lightbulbs out just yet – they can be up-cycled into lovely Christmas decorations.
This craft idea is easy to do and needs hardly any materials, but the end result is so fabulous, people will think you’re a craft genius.
You will need:
  • Light bulbs
  • Loose Glitter
  • Craft Glue
  • Glue Spreader (a piece of stiff cardboard would do)
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • An old bowl or mat
  • Optional accessories such as buttons
Time: 30 minutes per bulb at the start, but your pace will soon pick up
Rosie’s top tip: Make sure you have all the correct equipment on the table with you, as once you have started you won’t want to be spreading glitter and glue around.


  1. Squeeze some craft glue onto the glass of your light bulb and spread it all over with a glue spreader. It’s a good idea to do this as quickly as possible to avoid glue setting.

  2. Hold the glued light bulb over the bowl and sprinkle on the glitter. The bowl can catch the waste glitter so that it can be reused. Rest your glitter covered light bulb in the waste glitter, and wait for it to dry.

  3. Think about how long you want the loop or hanger for your ornament to be. Double this, and cut that length of ribbon.

  4. Put dabs of glue on either end of the ribbon, and stick these ends on opposite sides of the screw top to create a loop.

  5. When the glue has set on both sides of the screw top, take your remaining ribbon and wrap it around the screw top to see how much you will need to cover it. Cut to the correct length. Dab each end of this piece of ribbon with glue and wind it neatly around until it covers the whole screw top, disguising the ends of the hanger.

  6. Make a bow with the remaining ribbon, and stick it onto the now covered screw top.


Final decorations

When all the glue is fully dry, you can look over your ornaments and add any extra decoration you like! I have chosen to add a little silver glitter to the bow, and a cute button from an old cardigan.