Creswell Crags

Creswell Crags

Creswell Crags is an internationally significant limestone gorge honeycombed with caves that provides a fascinating glimpse of life during the last Ice Age, including the only discovery to date of Ice Age rock art in Britain.

The Crags are cared for by Creswell Heritage Trust and although significant capital funding had been secured over many years to care for the heritage and modernise the visitor infrastructure, the Trust had found it increasingly challenging to maintain financial sustainability.

Between February and July 2015, the National Trust worked with Creswell Heritage Trust to undertake a comprehensive review of its governance; staffing structure and volunteering; the commercial and visitor operations; finance and fundraising; and, developed a detailed 3 year business plan that provided a ‘road map’ to securing a sustainable long-term future for the Trust.

Associated mentoring of key individuals was also provided. The work was delivered by a consortium of the National Trust and Shared Assets, and was resourced by Creswell Heritage Trust through Transition Funding from the HLF.

" Creswell Heritage Trust’s Transition project is a major piece of work which sets us on the road to a sustainable future. We benefitted enormously from the professional approach of the team from the National Trust Partnerships Team. They were a very good ‘fit’ for us, bringing experience from a wide range of individuals and sites to bear on the unique issues and challenges faced at Creswell. Above all, they understood the need to scale their approach to our needs, and we are still benefitting from close mentoring support"
- Roger Shelley, Director, Creswell Heritage Trust