Discover diverse sand dunes in Llŷn

Tywyn y Fach sand dunes in Llyn Peninsula

Sand dunes form some of the most spectacular and dynamic landforms on the planet. In Wales, sand dunes form where vegetation, such as the specially adapted marram grass, traps grains of sand blown by onshore winds.

Shifting habitat

Dunes are an important and fascinating habitat as they’re mobile and constantly shifting, providing a range of conditions for plants and animals.

Tywyn y Fach

Explore the dunes here and you’ll find they are rich in plant species such as spurges, sea holly and sea rocket. Continue along the path through the dunes and you’ll soon emerge onto a beautiful beach with superb views to the St Tudwal Islands.

Rare species

Tywyn y Fach provides an abundance of flowering plants, especially bird’s-foot trefoil, which is the principal pollen source for the mason bee (Osmia xanthomelana), an endangered species that is dependent on this habitat.

Some species that live in these dunes are so highly specialised that, without the habitats, they might well be driven to the point of extinction.