Down on the farm during lockdown: video diaries from Wimpole

Pigs enjoying a water spray

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work on a farm? Our animals on Home Farm at Wimpole in Cambridgeshire need a lot of looking after to keep them happy and healthy.

While you can’t come to visit, we thought we’d share weekly video diaries of what our animals and farm team are up to behind the scenes.

Whether you’re into tractors and trailers, lambs and horses, or just find poo really funny – take a look at our video diaries below to learn more about life down on the farm. Who knows, maybe you could be helping us with all that mucking out one day? 


It's lambing time at Wimpole

Meet our cute and cuddly new lambs at Home Farm. We’ll have hundreds to care for here in the next few weeks. They’re full of mischief and very hungry – just watch them guzzle their bottles of milk.


Looking after our chickens

Take a sneak peek at our free-range chicken house and outdoor area, where we get the eggs for our café at Wimpole. It’s not usually open to visitors, so you’re getting a behind the scenes tour.


Exercising our shire horses

Say hello to our beautiful shire horse Jasper and his friends. They're usually busy taking visitors for carriage rides around Wimpole Farm. Find out how we’re keeping them fit while we’re closed.


Mucking in with mucking out

Join us at the pig pen, watch our tractors and trailers at work and find out how piles of poo help to make our crops grow.


New shoes for our shire horses

Our shire horses aren’t very good at doing up laces, so we have to change their shoes for them. Find out how it’s done – and look how big their feet are.