Make Easter decorations and crafts

Painted homemade Easter eggs

Get creative this Easter with your little ones and create some colourful decorations and gifts to brighten up your home. Watch our how to videos to get inspiration, and make use of the natural and recycled materials you can find in your home and garden.

Watch our videos for step-by-step instructions for how to make Easter baskets, naturally dyed Easter eggs and a bean bag Easter chick. Or why not find out about Easter craft events you can get involved in?


Naturally dyed Easter eggs

If you're after some all-natural decorations for Easter, you can't go wrong with these hand-dyed eggs. The colours come from natural sources like turmeric and red cabbage, but are still incredibly vibrant.


Easter baskets

If you're looking for fun things to do this Easter, why not try making these colourful Easter baskets from recycled paper and fabric? They make great table decorations and are perfect for kids on an Easter egg hunt.


Bean-bag Easter chick

Made out of scraps of old cloth, these cute Easter chicks are cheap and cheerful decorations which also make great presents for family and friends.