Experience High Lickbarrow Farm in Windermere

Exclusive access to one family’s Lakeland way of life.

A visit to High Lickbarrow Farm will be like no National Trust place you have ever experienced before. With the place exclusively yours, we invite you to make yourselves at home and become immersed in the Bottomley family’s Lakeland way of life.

High Lickbarrow Farm came to the Trust in October 2015 following the death of the donor Michael Bottomley. It sits on the edge of Windermere village, flanked on one side by a large residential estate but with space, hills, fields and small babbling brooks on the other side, it feels like it’s on the edge of nowhere.

The traditional Lakeland farmhouse, formal front garden and topiary, set amidst a beautiful lowland landscape are no doubt what kept Elizabeth and Michael Bottomley on the farm for so many years. The interior of the farmhouse also tells us much about the family– Elizabeth’s single minded approach to conservation farming and Michael’s cultural links, his painting and architectural practice. 

The farm, its setting and the belongings of the close knit family that lived here for almost seventy years provide a fascinating insight into a traditional way of life that has now largely been lost. The lure of this place doesn’t stem from any historical significance of the previous owners, but from the sheer everyday normality of its contents kept through generations of one family.

" One particularly fond memory I have is of the envelope post mark on correspondence I got from Elizabeth - "The Roots of Heaven" - it always gave me a lift when I saw that."
- Pete Ingleby, family friend of the Bottomley's

We are inviting small groups of 2 or more visitors to come and enjoy exclusive use of High Lickbarrow. This is a chance to relax, explore and enjoy at your own pace:

  • Find out how a family from Hampstead came to be farming in the Lake District
  • Snuggle up next to the fire with one of the books or farm diaries going back to 1959
  • Take inspiration from Michael’s artwork and do some sketching or painting of your own
  • Afternoon tea was always a feature at High Lickbarrow, rustle up some cake or biscuits in the kitchen and then enjoy them in the parlour
  • Potter in the garden, help us out with our jobs list and maybe take a cutting for your own garden
  • Take a stroll along the nearby paths and lanes, borrow a map, binoculars or a wildflower book
  • See the carts which Libby Bottomley used on the farm, still in the barn where they were left
  • Simply sit by the fire with a brew and enjoy the atmosphere of peace

Intrigued? Contact us for more details, we can find out a little bit about what makes you tick, suggest ways for you to make the most of your High Lickbarrow experience and get you booked in for your exclusive visit.

This experience is available for a limited time only, it is free to National Trust members.

There are spaces available throughout the year but High Lickbarrow can book up very quickly, so please get in touch to arrange your exclusive visit with us. 

Prices for non-members are:

Gift Aid: Adult £15.00, Child £7.50, Family £37.50

Standard: Adult £13.50, Child £6.75, Family £33.75

Dogs welcome.

Call or email Fiona; 07484078776, highlickbarrow@nationaltrust.org.uk