‘feelings of kindly reverence’ by Carole McCourt, 2 July-30 July

‘feelings of kindly reverence’ by Carole McCourt

Inspired by the discovery of 17th-century wall paintings during recent restoration of Lindisfarne Castle and the design of Gertrude Jekyll’s walled garden, ‘feelings of kindly reverence’ highlights humanity and the embellishment of stark architecture through bringing the beauty of nature inside.

" For the best building and planting...the architect and gardener must have some knowledge of each other's business, and each must regard with feelings of kindly reverence the unknown domains of the other's higher knowledge."
- Gertrude Jekyll

The work consists of a wallpaper sample book dated 1668 and stone ‘tester’ fragments. The wall art may have originally been installed to make the fort feel more like a home, possibly by a professional artisan and this is a contemporary interpretation of a bid for the commission.

About the Artist

Carole McCourt is a mixed media artist with printmaking at the core of her practice.  She works and lives in the remote landscape of the North Pennines with its inherent mining heritage.

She explores individual historical journeys that run parallel to these spaces - researching and imagining past lives, the impact of man and the traces and artefacts left behind.

Her work usually takes the form of installation pieces with books often at the heart of her work. 

Carole is currently studying for her Master of Fine Art (MFA) at Newcastle University.

‘feelings of kindly reverence’ by Carole McCourt
‘feelings of kindly reverence’ by Carole McCourt
‘feelings of kindly reverence’ by Carole McCourt