Go on a ghost hunt at Ham House

Visitors and the south front of Ham House, Surrey.

This article contains relates to 2017. Check back soon for 2019 information Cold spots, the sound of footsteps, inexplicable scents of roses and glimpses of mysterious characters make Ham House in Surrey one of our most haunted places.

An overnight investigation concluded there may be as many as fifteen ghosts in residence. Come along and discover more on one of our ghost tours.  Ghost tours take place throughout October and December or take part in a Family Ghost Tour during Hallowe'en half term, for more details please see our events page.

Will you see one of the ghost dogs, or a domineering lady? Or perhaps a gloomy young man who jumped to his death after being turned down by the one he loved?  Our ghost tour is based around all of the historical stories here in both the house and garden, giving Ham House the reputation of being one of the most haunted houses in Britain.

The Cherry Garden at Ham House, London

Ham House, London

The 17th-century layout is clearly defined in this carefully restored garden where you can now experience the strong geometric lines of a formal wilderness, while the planting of the parterres with cotton lavender give a charming 20th-century twist. The borders, on the other hand, are planted in an authentic 17th-century style based on contemporary inventories.