Highlights from 125 Treasures

objects from 125 Treasures

Delve into this selection of objects from our new book, 125 Treasures from the Collections of the National Trust.

From samurai armour and a fully furnished dolls' house, to the earliest English globe in existence and a musical elephant automaton – each object has a fascinating story to tell.

Nostell's treasures in the spotlight

New: behind the scenes at Nostell

In our latest behind-the-scenes video tour, you'll get to see some of the amazing treasures at Nostell in West Yorkshire. Discover intriguing objects including its intricately designed dolls’ house and tour the grand rooms of this 18th-century treasure house and home of the Winn family. Also get close to its world-class Chippendale collection and masterpieces.

Furnishings, grand and small

Intimidation and display

Animal wonders

" I first visited Mount Stewart when I was 13. I had seen Hambletonian by George Stubbs in my textbooks, but it was only when I was face to face with the painting that I fully appreciated its beauty - its depth of colour and the sheer size of it. "

First English globe, first Welsh Bible

Luxury ceramics

Book cover of 125 Treasures

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This beautifully illustrated book showcases 125 fascinating objects held in the collections of our historic houses. It's a starting point for exploring these collections. By buying the book, you're helping us to raise funds to conserve, research and share these collections for everyone to enjoy.