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Little girl playing int he Long Gallery

Sudbury Hall tells the story of a house designed and built as a showpiece for 17th-century craftsmanship. George Vernon created the spirit of the Restoration period at Sudbury which has stood the test of time to be enjoyed today.

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sudbury hall long gallery ceiling
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This year we're exploring Sudbury's past, present and future; looking at how the Hall was created, what changes happened to make it look the way it does today and asking you to share what you think it will look like in the future. 

Long Gallery

It is unusual to find a Long Gallery in a Charles II house but this room is one of the most magnificent features inside the house.

It’s just over 167 feet (51m) long and includes many family portraits. Fans of the 1996 BBC ‘Pride and Prejudice’ adaptation will recall the room being used as the place where Elizabeth sets eyes on Darcy’s painting.

Look up and admire the amazing plasterwork running the enitre length of the room. 


The Great Staircase is considered one of the finest in a country house and we believe was designed by Sir George Vernon himself.

The plasterwork on the ceiling includes garlands of fruit, flowers and palm branches.

Sudbury's magnificent great staircase
sudbury's great staircase
Sudbury's magnificent great staircase

Grinling Gibbons carvings in the drawing room

A work by celebrated wood carver Grinling Gibbons is found in the Drawing Room.

The fine carving over the chimneypiece was created in 1678 and for which, Lord Vernon paid just £40. It depicts dead game and fish as well as fruits and flowers.

Get a closer look
get closer than ever before to Sudbury's delicate carvings
Get a closer look

Ceiling paintings

Don’t forget to look up when you visit. There are many painted ceilings to marvel at by skilled craftsmen such as Louis Laguerre. The Great Staircase is just one magnificent example.

Beautiful ceiling paintings above the great staircase
look up and see the beautiful ceiling paintings
Beautiful ceiling paintings above the great staircase

Still to come...

1930s Kitchen

This kitchen was remodelled when the 9th Lord Vernon returned to live at Sudbury as it was closer to the dining room, so a better chance of getting a hotter meal.

Step down into the 1930s kitchen
sudbury hall 1930s kitchen table
Step down into the 1930s kitchen